Woo could not exist without numerous open-source projects. We would like to express our gratitude to at least a few of them.


Yade logo

Woo originated in the Yade project, a popular code among DEM researchers around the globe. Václav Šmilauer became one of the main developers of Yade during his PhD, and later, during postdoc, started and independent branch of development (later named Woo), with the goal of enhancing flexibility, extensibility and user-friendliness.



GNU/Linux is our primary operating system (in particular, Debian and Ubuntu distributions). It makes life easier for both developers and users. (Woo will run also under Windows, though.)


Python logo

Python is an excellent scripting language, offering numerous scientifically-oriented modules such as Matplotlib, NumPy, IPython, PyQt4.


C++ is our number-cruncher. We appreciate excellent gcc and clang compilers, Boost, VTK libraries.