graINspect Stream

GraINspect Stream is instrumentation device for continuous 24/7 monitoring of particle size distribution (PSD), operating over unstructured streams: such as conveyor belt with unknown or varying speed, roller screens, transfer points, discharge points and similar.

The device consists of laser profile sensor, collecting the data at high rate (>300Hz, exposure ≤10μs) and an industrial computer (DIN-rail mountable). Advanced graINspect algorithms are used to evaluate the PSD continuously, the results being exposed over the standardized OPC/UA protocol, with history support. Plant control system can use this data for monitoring and regulation. The system is also human-accessible over various protocols (VNC, http).

This example shows a (hypothetical) example of instrumenting a roller screen sieve where the PSD change can be evaluated at several points along the sieve; such level of instrumentation is impossible with traditional methods such as sieve analysis, or even optical analysis.